I used to be hesitant about contacting people on the web (and, if I’m being honest, on some days I still am). My caution was misplaced. Almost all of them turned out to be nice people.

I suspect that I’m not alone in this, so here’s my offer: if you want to talk to me, I want to talk to you.  You can contact me at robb at rs dot io. Alternatively, I’m perhaps even more responsive on Twitter, where my handle is @robbseaton.

  • I like receiving email from real people. There has never been a time when I found myself thinking, “Wow, I wish I received fewer thoughtful emails from flesh and blood humans.” If I ever do get to that point, I will hire a secretary. Email is amazing. Someone from rural China can send me a message within seconds, for free, and I can reply, for free!
  • I like hearing about what my readers are up to. If you’re working on a project and would like me to check it out, or need some feedback, I would like to hear from you. Send me a link.
  • I like reading. I spend a lot of my time reading about stuff. If you’ve written something you think I’d enjoy, please send it to me. If you’ve read a great book recently, recommend it to me. I love book recommendations. If you think there’s an article that needs more exposure or that I’d enjoy, send it to me.
  • I like self-promotion. If you created something, and you’re proud of it, please tell me about!
  • I like helping people out. If you need assistance with something, I would like to help you. If I can make the world a little better one email at a time, I’ll do so.

There’s one thing I don’t like, and that’s consulting with people over the phone. If you want to schedule a phone call with me, please first send me an email offering me a lot of money. Otherwise, stick to email.