World War II: Not a Moral Triumph

I’ve started reading through some of the works of Mencius Moldbug. I figure that politics is a waste of cognition but, hey, it’s entertaining and I enjoy being exposed to different points of view. Moldbug is a bit long-winded (understatement), but the guys at More Right have put together PDF copies of the “essential Moldbug,” which makes reading it a whole hell of a lot easier.

I guess I better set this up. Mencius has been churning out millions of words criticizing progressivism, a movement which is perhaps best exemplified by the drivel that gets thousands of upvotes on Reddit. It’s the sort of political ideals embodied by academia and all those who describe themselves — without a hint of self-loathing — as an intellectual.

Anyways, I’ve been reading through Moldbug, and was struck by a passage where he points out an important piece of unquestioned and no doubt revisionist history: World War II was a struggle of good versus evil and good won. The popular narrative goes something like, “Hitler was an evil man, committing gross human rights violations by rounding up and slaughtering Jews. The Allied powers wouldn’t stand for this, so we put a stop to it.”

But this ignores:

Makes you wonder about this whole moral progress thing.

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