If anything, Thomas believes that the state should—where it can, within the law—support the separation of the races. Looking back on his education, in an all-black environment, Thomas has admitted to wanting to “turn back the clock” to a time “when we had our own schools.” Much of his jurisprudence is devoted to undoing the “grand experiment” of which he believes himself to be a victim. As he made clear in 1986, “I have been the guinea pig for many social experiments on social minorities. To all who would continue these experiments, I say please ‘no more.’”

–Clarence Thomas’s Radical Vision of Race

That’s, ahem, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, by the way.

Would you hire Elon Musk?

We find that former founders receive fewer callbacks than non-founders; however, all founders are not disadvantaged similarly. Former founders of successful ventures receive even fewer callbacks than former founders of failed ventures.

–The Effect of Founder Experience on Labor Market Outcomes: A Field Experiment (emphasis mine)

money + fire = VC

Venture capital (VC) has delivered poor returns for more than a decade. VC returns haven’t significantly outperformed the public market since the late 1990s, and, since 1997, less cash has been returned to investors than has been invested in VC. Speculation among industry insiders is that the VC model is broken, despite occasional high-profile successes like Groupon, Zynga, LinkedIn, and Facebook in recent years.

The Kauffman Foundation investment team analyzed our twenty-year history of venture investing experience in nearly 100 VC funds with some of the most notable and exclusive partnership “brands” and concluded that the Limited Partner (LP) investment model is broken1. Limited Partners—foundations, endowments, and state pension fund—invest too much capital in underperforming venture capital funds on frequently mis-aligned terms. Our research suggests that investors like us succumb time and again to narrative fallacies, a well-studied behavioral finance bias.

–We Have Met the Enemy…and He is Us: Lessons from Twenty Years of the Kauffman Foundation’s Investments in Venture Capital Funds and the Triumph of Hope Over Experience (emphasis mine)

nginx + Rails (puma) on NixOS
Not too much on the web about how to set this up, so here's an example.

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I spent a weekend trying to get R, Keras, and CUDA to play nice together on NixOS. I suspect this’ll be the task I’m assigned on my first day in Hell.

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You can teach Hugo to generate Rails compatible `html.erb`

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Top Places to Buy Cheap Houses in USA, 2019

Houses in this country can be had for far cheaper than almost anyone realizes.

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Ever wonder how remote you can go without sacrificing internet connectivity?

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There is no clean, “one size fits all” answer to the question, “Where is the best place to buy land for homesteading?” Any answer requires careful consideration of the preferences of the asker: I have a very good friend who is tragically allergic to anything green. Pollen torments him as a nightmare’s take on pixie dust. He mows the lawn and his skin cracks into sores. “You’d do well in the desert, or on a mountain,” I tell him.

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